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At Capital Tax Recovery, our mission is to help solve one of the biggest problems that local governments face: revenue. One of the primary areas for increasing revenues is by enforcing existing laws that require individuals and businesses to pay taxes on motor vehicles in the town/city in which they reside. Capital Tax Recovery provides revenue-enhancing solutions for municipalities at no cost to the current taxpayers or town. We identify ¬†unregistered or improperly registered vehicles not presently listed in a municipality’s motor vehicle grand list. We then determine ownership and residency during a 90 day period. In addition, we identify personal/business property not declared to the city and can provide evidence of such property. We conduct thorough investigative research and evidence of residency so that the assessors can confidently add the motor vehicles or property to the grand list. In addition, we work with your vendors for data entry and are the first point of contact for new taxpayer disputes and for submission of evidence refuting the claim.¬†

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State-of-the-Art Technology

We identify and document improperly registered and unregistered motor vehicles by utilizing ALPRs (Automated License Plate Readers) that photographs license plates and vehicles, and documents the GPS location and date/time of the vehicle.

Revenue Enhancing Solutions

Our solutions increase revenue without raising taxes on citizens. With the recent increase of new residents in the State of Connecticut, many have improperly and unregistered vehicles. Adding these vehicles to your grand list will substantially increase tax revenue year after year.

Proven Track Record

Capital Tax Recovery is owned and operated by a licensed private investigator with over 20 years of experience. Over the years, we have successfully conducted thousands of investigations assisting legal, business, and government entities throughout Connecticut.

Dedicated Professionals

We have an incredible team of professionals who always have the specific needs of the client in mind. We are committed to providing the highest level of professional investigative services and customer service to our clients.

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